Got Friends? Let Them Know About Hammond Plumbing & Heating and You Could Get Cash Back!

Everyone likes having a little extra cash, and with Hammond Plumbing & Heating, you’ll receive more than just quality service and expertise. If you help us out by referring your friends and family, we’ll show you our appreciation with money once they’ve bought a product or service. Get out there and start talking!

When our technicians come out to provide service or routine maintenance on your furnace or air conditioner, or if you purchase a product from us, don’t forget to ask us for a copy (or three) of our referral program flyer. You can share these flyers with everyone. And we mean everyone. When those people come to Hammond Plumbing and purchase a new heating and cooling system or receive a service from us, you’ll be rewarded with some cold hard cash! It’s that easy! And your friends will benefit from a discount as well, everyone wins.

Here is the list of payments you could get every time a friend you referred to us uses Service Experts: They Get/You Get Repair or Maintenance Tune-ups $25 OFF $50 CASH Heating/Cooling System (either one) $100 OFF $100 CASH Heating + Cooling System (both) $250 OFF $200 CASH

Ready for some extra cash? We thought so. Start spreading the word and wait for the checks start to roll in!